Adulthood: The things I’ve learnt

It’s been 2 years since I last wrote just for me and I miss it. To type to everyone and no-one all at once is so strangely cathartic, but life has just been too busy and I forgot all about this little blog for the longest time. A lot has happened since I posted about my internship in London and a lot has certainly changed. But the big difference has to be getting a job. A real job. With a paycheck and health insurance and responsibilities, 300 miles from home.

Am I an adult yet?

Moving on from education and beginning to find myself in the world of work has been, at times, challenging to say the least. I realise most people reading this (it may be optimistic to use a plural there) are probably rolling there eyes at that comment but I guess I just wasn’t really prepared. You go into University at 18 thinking you’ll leave a fully-fledged adult (whatever that means), equipped to take on the world, and you graduate realizing nobody has a clue what’s happening and everyone is just winging it.

Nobody knows what they’re doing as an adult.

I mean, I have friends now that are opticians and chemists, social workers and safety consultants and it’s made me realise that nobody really has their shit together. It’s kind of concerning when you think about it but also not surprising. I mean, look at Theresa May for goodness sake. The woman clearly has no clue how to do anything and she’s meant to have been an adult for the last 40 years.

Think about it:

It’s one of the greatest lies we were told as children, “you’ll understand it when you’re older”… I’m nearly 23 and I’m still waiting to understand.

Anyways, I think I got sidetracked.

There’s a lot I’ve learnt over the last couple of years about “becoming an adult” so I thought best to share some realizations and tips, in an attempt to bestow some worldly wisdom on anybody that’s about to graduate:

1. Nobody knows what the hell is going on. This doesn’t just apply to students, but to anyone including your managers, family, TV icons and friends.

2. Parents… they are just trying their best. They don’t have a guide to that shit.

3. Travel Insurance is worth it. If you’re as clumsy as me, invest or it will come back to bite you on the ass.

4. Friends… you need to put in what you hope to get out. Don’t expect people to always make the effort first and then get annoyed when they don’t. Friendship is a two way street. If you’re going through anything that makes you distant, just give them a heads up, they will understand.

5. Veggie food is delicious, cheaper and helps the planet. Meat production and consumption is one of the biggest causes of global warming.

6. Find a hobby, even if it’s going to the gym or writing a blog nobody ever reads *cough*. You can’t let your life become all about work.

7. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re not good enough; not in work, not in your flat and certainly not in a relationship.

8. Get a job that challenges you and your creativity – I know this might sound simple but it’s harder than you think. If you get stuck in a job, just remember to keep your options open.

9. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Don’t put unrealistic pressure on yourself to change the world in 3 months, that stuff takes time. You’re doing the best you can.

10. Don’t try and grow up too quickly. Enjoy the present moment, you’ll never be this young again. Don’t feel the need to rush into a job, or an appartment, these things will happen in their own time.

11. Oh and dance at least once a day.

You may not find my revelations or tips particularly useful, but at the end of the day they are you just one #Expressionofawoman

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