Quotes: The power of positivity

Everyday I go into work, write a positive or motivational quote on a whiteboard and leave it in the middle of the office for everyone to read.

Why do I do that? What do I think will happen? What do I think will change?

You might think that it’s wierd or strange or even naive of me to believe a few words can impact the tone of an entire office. But I believe in the power of language, with every inch of my being. Don’t you? I mean, have you never read a fictional book that has provoked a very real emotion? Or observed slander on social media that has aggravated you to your very core?

Research has reaffirmed time and time again the impact of positive thinking and the best way I have found to share that is through language.

Now, since I don’t claim to be a literary genius, nor do I think I possess an outstanding philosophic approach to life that has never before been seen, the best way I find to share positivity is through the words of a lot smarter people than myself.

Here are some of my favourite quote that inspire, motivate and uplift… I hope they help bring a smile to your day.

P.s. Happy Friday

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