A Story Of Resilience: Coping With COVID-19

I want to start off by saying that this isn’t my story. This is my observation of an individual close to me. An individual I love dearly. This is my interpretation and appreciation of their resilience during this time.

The reason I wanted to share this with you, is to show individuals who are anxious and scared during the current global pandemic what is really possible. To give people hope that things will get better and the world isn’t breaking, even when it feels like it is. I want to help put things into perspective for you.

Right now, as I am writing this, it is 8.34am on Tuesday 31st March. I’m lay in bed and all I can hear is my brother downstairs doing a Skype interview for a grad scheme. He is having to do it at home since the coronavirus has left the entire nation in self-isolation. He is laughing and chatting and enthusiastic. He seems normal. He seems happy. You would never guess he has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Here in the UK, we have been in isolation officially for over a week due to COVID-19. Although for my family it’s been longer, as we wanted to be able to support my brother. See, two weeks ago, he got diagnosed with lung cancer. He is 23. To get this sort of diagnosis at any age would be terrifying. But to get told this in your early twenties, during a global pandemic that he is highly susceptible for (as it affects your respiratory system), must be mortifying.

The thing that amazes me during this time is his resilience. He’s okay. He has been teaching me to play chess and how to cook, he has been dancing with me in the living room and doing fitness workouts, and he is interviewing for a grad scheme as we speak. A grad scheme that wont start for 6 months.

He is keeping positive and carrying on knowing he has to spend 12 weeks in isolation. Knowing he has a lung biopsy tomorrow morning. Knowing my family isn’t allowed in the hospital to support him. Knowing he has to have some of his lung removed. And ultimately not knowing much more than that.

The interviewer has just asked him where he sees himself in 3 years. All he said whilst chuckling to himself was “alive”… the interviewer sounded confused. So he explained his story.

Right now he is facing the biggest battle of his life but he is still smiling. He is still playing games and laughing. Although COVID-19 is scary, and he like many is understandably cautious, he wont let it bring him down.

Just remember, it is right to be scared of the coronavirus because to some it is destructive and deadly. But don’t let the fear of it consume you. If he can laugh right now, so can you.

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