Welcome to the Expression of a Woman… a blog aimed at sharing my unique perspective and experiences with the big wide world.

I never really know how to start these things off, telling strangers ‘about’ myself I mean. But I think starting with my name is a good place to begin. My name is Molly, I am 22 years old and currently living the London life as a recent graduate and a newly self-proclaimed adult. Although I am new to blogging (so if i’m doing it wrong, hit me up), I have always had a passion for creative and academic writing. I know you’re probably wondering who can enjoy academic writing, with references and footnotes and quotes… but it’s me, I love that shit. Since leaving academia then, I have missed the amount of time I have to put pen to paper, so that is why i’m here.

This blog lets you see life through my eyes. It provides a collection of my thoughts, opinions and experiences of life. Although I attempt to keep the tone light, positive and supportive, I want to be honest and realistic with everyone reading this (and myself). I want this to be genuine. As such, this blog promises to be nothing more, and nothing less than the Expression of a Woman.


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